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Do you dream of running your own private practice, an online nutrition business, or other venture as a nutrition entrepreneur? You’re in the right place!

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Hey Nutrition Entrepreneur!

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Here at RD Entrepreneurs our mission is to encourage, enable, and empower you while you’re working towards those not-so-crazy dreams of yours as a nutrition entrepreneur. We want you to feel excited & inspired to take action in your dream nutrition job every single day.
Hey Nutrition Entrepreneur! Whether you dream of running your own nutrition private practice, virtual practice, online nutrition programs, or other “outside the box” option for your nutrition career, this is the place for you.

Make your dream job a reality.

Want to start a nutrition private practice? Want to grow and scale your nutrition business so you can work less but still surpass your income goals? Do you want to run online member programs or build courses for clients or other professionals? Do you want to find the balance between running your own business and still having time to live (and love) the life you’re working so hard for as a nutrition entrepreneur?

We agree.

RD Entrepreneurs is not only about providing the resources to become a successful nutrition entrepreneur, but also about providing motivation and empowerment by helping you put all the pieces together and by building a powerful, supportive community of entrepreneurs just like you. Running a business is so much more than just having an idea and putting it out there. It’s about a million different parts and pieces that need to come together in just the right way for your business. Sure, it’s about your skills as a dietitian, but it’s also about all that other stuff that most of us don’t get in school. It’s about marketing and sales funnels, technology and taxes, legal mumbo jumbo and constant dedication. But it doesn’t have to be frustratingly difficult, lonely, or seemingly impossible. It can be achievable, empowering, and freeing.

Why RD Entrepreneurs?

Surely you could Google a whole lot of stuff and eventually pull together all the bits and pieces you need to make your nutrition business run. You could sign up for a million different webinars or download a thousand different cheat sheets. You could imitate what you think other successful entrepreneurs are doing or engage in ongoing trial and error. OR you could learn from those in your exact industry that have been there, done that, and are still doing that – in a wildly successful way. What works, what doesn’t, best practices, and how to grow and scale once you’ve built your foundation.

Free Resources

Free resources for growing and building your nutrition business, private practice, or online programs, plus recommended tools & programs for entrepreneurs.

Professional Development

Our bread and butter here at RD Entrepreneurs, The Symposium: A multi-expert platform to empower you to grow & build your nutrition business.

RD Community

Because nobody should have to go at it alone. Join our free community of dietitian entrepreneurs just like you. Questions, support, brainstorming, and more.

The RD Entrepreneur Symposium

Our big thing here at RD Entrepreneurs happens twice a year. It’s a massive, multi-expert platform that brings together all those different moving parts of running and building a nutrition business and brings them to you in one place. It’s the RD Entrepreneur Symposium and it’s your one-stop destination for all things nutrition business and nutrition entrepreneurship. From marketing to social media, sales funnels to business strategy. Each symposium brings together a unique set of nutrition business experts that show you exactly how they do what they do to be so successful. Plus earn CEUs while connecting with other nutrition entrepreneurs and the symposium speakers themselves. Next up: April 2018.

Ready to build the nutrition business of your dreams?

Hey, I’m Heather!

Psst. Hey there. There’s a whole lot of “we”, “us”, and “our” going on here. And that’s because it’s not about me, it’s about you and us. It’s about dietitians and nutrition experts coming together and supporting each other, building each other up, and helping each and everyone of us thrive and succeed. It truly is about “us”. But there is a “me” behind the screen – and that’s, well, me! Hey, I’m Heather! I founded RD Entrepreneurs because I just plain thought we as entrepreneurial dietitians needed it. I was quite literally walking around one day thinking about some of the local entrepreneurs I’d been coaching to build business that were scalable and potentially passive & residual, and thought to myself, “Why does this not exist for dietitians?! If only there were a way for RDs to share all that entrepreneurial expertise in an easily consumable fashion.” And there you have it. The first RD Entrepreneur Symposium was born. And as for me, I’m a diehard nutrition entrepreneur. I’ve been running my own online nutrition business for a decade and I’m a staunch advocate for doing what makes you happy. You can read more about me here (or not, that’s ok too). I’m glad you’re here!

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